Address Bar Spoofing on Double Byte Character Set Locale Vulnerability (CAN-2004-0844) Patched in MS04-038

From: Liu Die Yu (liudieyu_at_UMBRELLA.NAME)
Date: 11/28/04

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    Date:         Sun, 28 Nov 2004 23:55:08 +0800

    On "Double Byte Character Set Locale" systems(Chinese, Japanese, etc),
    there exists a spoofing vulnerability within Microsoft Internet Explorer
    that enables attackers to fake the Address field.



    The research started when I found:
    Input in the address field and press ENTER: MSIE will
    go to the homepage of, but the address field will display
    "http://@umbrella.nam/e". After playing this for several times, I made
    the exploit mentioned above.

    I still do not know the mechanism behind this bug.

    It may be helpful to read the official description of this issue from
    Microsoft TechNet
    Aspoofing vulnerability exists in Internet Explorer's processing of URLs
    on Double Byte Character Set systems. This vulnerability could result in
    an incorrect URL being listed in the Address bar that is not the actual
    Web page that is displayed by Internet Explorer.
    "Aspoofing" -
        Look up "Aspoofing" in your English dictionary, then you can learn
    how carefully they prepared this security bulletin.
        To learn more about MSRC, don't miss: A Tour of the Microsoft
    Security Response Center (MSRC)


    Liu Die Yu -

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