Interesting thing about ICF and SP2

From: Erik Pace Birkholz (erik_at_SPECIALOPSSECURITY.COM)
Date: 10/14/04

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    Date:         Thu, 14 Oct 2004 12:03:31 -0700

    I wrote a script back in 2002 for Internet Connection Firewall (ICF) called
    toggleICF.vbs. The purpose of the script was to turn ICF on and off via
    command line. It saved time (fighting through the GUI) when using port
    scanners and other security tools. FYI, the script is still available from under the Resources, Scripts section.

    The only bummer was WMI prompted the user via Win32 popup and asked for
    permission before it would activate/deactivate. This made it less useful for
    scripting purposes, but more secure. Here is a reference from a MSDN page
    about the ICF disable method and it clearly states (in the remarks) that the
    user makes the final disabling decision.

    Here is the new problem I just found today after finally installing SP2 on
    my XP system. I noticed that if you run the toggleICF.vbs script, it no
    longer prompts the user via that annoying popup. Albeit annoying, that
    little popup did buy some mitigation against the bad guys trying to turn off
    ICF with a script.

    Microsoft's new ICF activation/deactivation "process" change has introduced
    a new attack vector for malicious scripts. If my script can be used to turn
    ICF on and off for "good" without requiring user-intervention, then it can
    certainly be done for "evil".

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