Re: Need to purge vulnerable gdiplus.dll?

From: Matthias Fichtner (mf-list_at_FICHTNER-MEYER.COM)
Date: 09/29/04

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    Date:         Wed, 29 Sep 2004 18:43:53 +0200

    Russ wrote:
    > I have received in excess of 10 responses from people
    > who have, one way or another, been replacing vulnerable
    > versions of gdiplus.dll (anywhere they find them) with the
    > updated version. *They* say they have not encountered any
    > problems.

    I've tried that approach and failed. For example, the
    current version of Microsoft's PowerPoint 2003 Viewer (as
    downloaded yesterday) crashes, if you replace its vulnerable
    gdiplus.dll with an updated version of the DLL.


    Matthias Fichtner [MF70-RIPE]
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