Re: Need to purge vulnerable gdiplus.dll?

From: Francis Favorini (francis.favorini_at_DUKE.EDU)
Date: 09/29/04

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    Date:         Wed, 29 Sep 2004 12:18:50 -0400

    Jack Kohn <"jackbox LLAMA"@MYWAYCAMEL.COM> wrote...
    > On several machines, I'm still seeing a vulnerable version of
    > gdiplus.dll in the C:\Winnt\system32 directory, even after I
    > applied all of MS's MS04-028 patches applicable to the
    > machines. (Tom Liston's GDI Scan
    > ( actually reveals a few
    > vulnerable files left, but it's the ones in SYSTEM32 that really worry
    > me.)

    I'm running XP SP2 with Office 2003 SP1 and I also see gdiplus.dll in C:\WINDOWS\system32. There is something very strange about this file. Depending on how you look at it, it changes. I have two different versions of the Res Kit utility filever.exe (details below). They each report a different version for this file.

    U:\>filever C:\WINDOWS\system32\gdiplus.dll
    --a-- W32i DLL ENU 5.1.3102.2180 shp 1,700,352 09-05-2001 gdiplus.dll

    U:\>filever2 C:\WINDOWS\system32\gdiplus.dll
    --a-- W32i DLL ENU 5.1.3097.0 shp 1,700,352 09-05-2001 gdiplus.dll

    Even stranger, if you check the very same file using a UNC path, the versions come out the same. (Rush is the machine in question.)

    U:\>filever \\rush\C$\WINDOWS\system32\gdiplus.dll
    --a-- W32i DLL ENU 5.1.3097.0 shp 1,700,352 09-05-2001 gdiplus.dll

    U:\>filever2 \\rush\C$\WINDOWS\system32\gdiplus.dll
    --a-- W32i DLL ENU 5.1.3097.0 shp 1,700,352 09-05-2001 gdiplus.dll

    Explorer properties through C:\ reports: 5.1.3102.2180
    Explorer properties through UNC reports: 5.1.3097.0

    Also, a byte comparison with gdiplus.dll from an unpatched system--which every tool I tried says is vulnerable--shows the one on the patched system is the same (i.e., vulnerable).

    U:\>fc /b C:\WINDOWS\system32\gdiplus.dll \\UNPATCHED\C$\WINDOWS\system32\gdiplus.dll
    Comparing files C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\gdiplus.dll and \\UNPATCHED\C$\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\GDIPLUS.DLL
    FC: no differences encountered

    I am guessing this has something to do with the side-by-side dll thing, but I don't really know how it works. Anyone know? Makes it hard to know if you are really patched.

    Versions of filever.exe:
    U:\>filever L:\Windows\Tools\FILEVER.EXE
    ----- W32i APP ENU 5.0.1472.1 shp 40,208 01-07-1997 filever.exe
    May have come from NT Res Kit.

    U:\>filever "C:\Program Files\Support Tools\filever2.exe"
    --a-- W32i APP ENU 5.1.2600.0 shp 12,800 08-17-2001 filever2.exe
    This one came from XP SP2 support tools.

    GDIScan reports:
    Scanning Drive C:...
    C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\OFFICE11\MSO.DLL
       Version: 11.0.6360.0
    C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\VGX\vgx.dll
       Version: 6.0.2900.2180
    C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE11\GDIPLUS.DLL
       Version: 6.0.3264.0
       Version: 5.1.3102.2180
       Version: 5.1.2600.2180
       Version: 5.1.3097.0 <-- Possibly vulnerable (Windows Side-By-Side DLL)
       Version: 5.1.3101.0 <-- Possibly vulnerable (Windows Side-By-Side DLL)
       Version: 5.1.3102.2180
    Scan Complete.

    > A regedit search shows that C:\Winnt\System32\gdiplus.dll is
    > part of the
    > HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\SharedDLLs key.
    > The Value is the path/file name and the Data is "1."

    Same here.


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