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From: shmooconannounce (shmooconannounce_at_SHMOO.COM)
Date: 09/17/04

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    Date:         Thu, 16 Sep 2004 20:02:27 -0600

    The Shmoo Group is soliciting papers and presentations for the first annual
    ShmooCon. ShmooCon 2005 will be a highly-technical and entertaining East coast
    hacker convention focused on technology exploitation, inventive software and
    hardware solutions, as well as open discussion on a variety of technology and
    security topics. ShmooCon 2005 will be held on February 4-6, 2005 at the
    Wardman Park Marriott in Washington, D.C., just minutes from your choice of
    3-letter agencies.

    ShmooCon 2005 will have three tracks, each dedicated to the following:
    Break It! - Technology Exploitation
    Build It! - Inventive Software and Hardware Solutions
    BoF It! - Open Discussion of Technology and Security Topics

    Topics for the "Break It!" track may include, but are not limited to,
    - Consumer electronic devices
    - Application, host, and network security
    - Telephony
    - Physical security

    Topics for the "Build It!" track may include, but are not limited to, inventive
    software and hardware SOLUTIONS in:
    - Robotics
    - Distributed computing
    - Community wireless networking
    - Mobile personal computing

    Topics for the "BoF It!" track may include, but are not limited to, open
    DISCUSSION of the following:
    - Privacy and anonymity
    - Exploit and vulnerability disclosure / databases
    - DRM (Digital Rights Management), fair use, copyright infringement
    - Open source software world domination strategies

    Presentation Format

    All presentations and discussions will be 55 minutes in length. Presentations
    in the "Break It!" and "Build It!" tracks must include demonstrations of
    personally developed techniques, working code, and/or devices, with code and/or
    schematics being open-source and released to the public for free. Initiating an
    open discussion for "BoF It!" requires subject matter expertise, active
    involvement with the topic at hand, and a brief presentation of the
    topic/problem scope.

    Shmooballs will be issued to the audience, to facilitate a frank and open
    discussion of opinions. Speakers are encouraged to present innovative ideas
    that not everyone agrees with.

    Submission Procedure
    To submit, email with the following information:
    1. Speaker name(s) and/or handle(s)
    2. Presentation Title
    3. Track preference
    4. Two to three paragraph presentation description and/or outline
    5. List facilities required. Projector for use with VGA input, flipchart, sound
    projection, Internet connectivity will be provided.
    6. Speaker bio
    7. Contact info for speaker (email AND mobile number, please)

    Accepted speakers will receive free admission to the conference, as well as a
    $100 honorarium after evaluation of their completed presentation. 6 runner-ups
    will receive free admission as hot-alternates. They should come to ShmooCon
    2005 prepared to speak, and, if it becomes necessary for them to speak as an
    alternate, they too will receive a $100 honorarium after evaluation of their
    completed presentation. NOTE: select presentation submissions which are not
    accepted will be awarded a 50% discounted admission to ShmooCon 2005.
    Presentations must be designed to include source code, schematics, or other
    substantial details that demonstrate the topic being discussed.

    Presentation proposals will be reviewed by members of the Shmoo Group. A list
    of the reviewers will be posted on the ShmooCon 2005 web site when the Call For
    Papers is formally issued.

    If you feel you have a presentation that would be appropriate but that does not
    meet these guidelines, feel free to submit it anyway but be sure to include a
    cover letter explaining your reasoning so we can evaluate your proposal.

    All questions regarding this call for papers should be addressed to

    Check the web site for final dates
    July 30, 2004 CFP opens
    Early Fall 2004 papers for preferential first round consideration due
    Middle Fall 2004 final due date for all papers
    Late Fall 2004 speakers notified

    Submissions are due by late fall 2004. Preference will be given to submissions
    received by early fall 2004. Selected speakers will be notified by Halloween,
    2004. We look forward to receiving your submissions as well as seeing you at
    ShmooCon 2005!

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