Re: SUS strange language behaviour with Microsoft .NET Framework Service Pack 2

From: Russ (Russ.Cooper_at_RC.ON.CA)
Date: 09/27/04

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    Date:         Mon, 27 Sep 2004 13:19:01 -0400

    Summary of responses:

    Paul Adare said;

    Regarding the downloads of the Framework, this is a common question
    about SUS and is by design. Unlike other language specific OS patches
    which can only be applied to a matching language OS, the Framework
    service packs can be applied to any language. IOW, the Framework SP in
    Chinese can be applied to an English Windows XP system. This is why it
    appears that the language setting is being ignored for the Framework
    SPs. You can find more info on this by googling the Microsoft SUS news

    Rick Newton said;

    I too can confirm this oddity in SUS... I however, only have English
    "selected" (the default) and for several of the updates pulled down to
    my SUS server I've obtained copies for between 6 and 10 languages. It
    doesn't happen for every update downloaded only some (thank god...).
    I've gotten Italian, Korean, Chinese (both), Russian, German, etc. ...
    And as I say, XP SP2 isn't the first update to come to me in multiple
    languages! If you get an answer to this problem before I do I look
    forward to cleaning out all the non-requested language files...

    As an aside, for those using SUS... I've just finished with MS Support
    on a different SUS issue. Perhaps this information might be useful to
    others utilizing SUS:

    I had a few systems that were once listed in my AD 2003 domain, and
    reporting to SUS, which were then removed from the domain/SUS and moved
    to a satellite office with VPN connectivity for reaching our Terminal
    Server; these systems after being moved were still attempting to contact
    the SUS server for updates.

    All "visible" (e.g.: registry, etc.) references to the SUS server had
    been changed back to Windows Update (e.g.: Automatic Updates, registry
    entries). Since the SUS server refuses connections from anything but the
    segment it is on, the systems were being refused. Thankfully, the
    systems were getting their updates successfully from the Windows Update
    site (although a little later than expected).

    However, they were appearing on the SUS logs as refused connections. It
    took about a month to correct (due to travel to the secondary site,
    etc.) and the execution of several tools supplied by MS Support, and
    several scripts of my own for delivery and information collection,
    without resolution (everything appeared correct) before the following
    was suggested and resolved the issue...

    The culprit turned out to be the URLLOG.DAT file (the file can be found
    on systems that reported to a SUS server in C:\Program
    Files\WindowsUpdate\v4). This file contained information pointing back
    to the SUS server. Deleting the file resolved the issue.

    Rob Pickering said;

    <saw the same thing and added>
    As an interesting sidenote, the SUS content directory (for a
    installation that has only choosen English as it's language)now exceeds
    1.2Gb, that's a lot of patches!

    Russ - NTBugtraq Editor

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