Windows Update / Office Update again!

From: Fish (fish_at_INFIDELS.ORG)
Date: 09/18/04

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    Date:         Fri, 17 Sep 2004 19:21:56 -0700

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    Perhaps this falls under the heading of "beating a dead horse",
    BUT... the "horse" is still very much alive and kicking, and when it
    kicks, IT HURTS.

    I finally got around to installing Microsoft's latest hot-fixes this
    morning (MS04-027 & MS04-028), but when I checked afterwards (to make
    sure they 'took'), I discovered much to my dismay that they DIDN'T.

    I use Shavlik's HFNetChk Pro 4 to push patches to all of the
    workstation in my little home network (which only has two
    workstations but that's completely beside the point) and HFNetChk
    kept saying my wife's computer was still missing MS04-027.
    ("Vulnerability in WordPerfect Converter Could Allow Code Execution

    (What the frick? I just *applied* the dang thing. What's going on?)
    (And yes, the system WAS rebooted afterwards)

    Tried again with identical results: it said it wasn't installed, I
    installed it (remotely from my system), and then walked over and
    WATCHED my wife's computer reboot and then returned back to my system
    to run the scan again to verify it got installed and it didn't.


    So okay, fine, I'll do it manually since her computer is just in the
    next room (but the whole point of this post is that for OTHERS [using
    patch management products like HFNetChk Pro to patch all their
    systems] it/they might NOT be, so what I'm about to describe *is* a
    "big deal" in my opinion.

    Fired up Windows Update.

    That was my first mistake. It of course said there were no
    patches/fixes/updates to be installed since Microsoft's left hand
    (Windows Update) doesn't seem to know what it's right hand (OFFICE
    Update) is doing.


    So okay. Let's try OFFICE Update this time.

    Ah! THERE's the sucker.

    Click, click, clickity, click goes my mouse and in short order the
    update is downloaded and launched, ... only to discover that:


    What the F**K??!!!

    Why, oh, WHY, Microsoft, does a critical (okay "important")
    **SECURITY UPDATE** require MANUAL INTERVENTION in order to be

    I was lucky in that I was able to quickly locate it (after scrounging
    around for it a while) and happened to have physical access to the
    system being patched, but what about other admins out there that need
    to patch hundred or possible THOUSANDS of systems in their network?
    What are they going to do? Send Robby the Robot around to everyone's
    workstation so it can manually insert the CDROM whenever the patch
    asks for it?

    That's nuts.

    Please, PLEASE, **PLEASE!** get your act together Microsoft.

    There should only be ONE "Windows Update" center, not two separate
    ones, and for $DEITY's sake, installation of a SECURITY PATCH
    *shouldn't* require manual insertion of the original product CDROM
    before it'll install a *SECURITY* patch!


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