Resolution re: SUS server fails to synchronize with Windows Update servers

From: Joe Dance (dancejoe_at_MOORE.SC.EDU)
Date: 09/17/04

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    Date:         Fri, 17 Sep 2004 16:48:54 -0400

    A number of system administrators have reported problems synchronizing their
    SUS servers with the Windows Update servers since 15 September 2004.

    Two other administrators reported that they downloaded fresh copies of SUS
    with SP1, and installed over their existing SUS installations, which
    successfully resolved their problems regarding synchronization with MS
    Windows Update servers.

    I reinstalled my old copy of the SUS with SP1 setup program, which did not
    work. I later downloaded a fresh copy of SUS with SP1, and installed it.

    Voila!! Eureka!! etc.

    There is apparently something different in the later downloads of SUS with

    Joe Dance
    University of South Carolina

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