Inconsistencies between Windows Updates and AU/SUS

From: Joe Dance (dancejoe_at_MOORE.SC.EDU)
Date: 09/23/04

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    Date:         Thu, 23 Sep 2004 11:50:33 -0400

    Three problems have surfaced in relation to Windows Updates and Automatic

    1. We have noticed several times in recent weeks that, while Windows
    Updates will tell us we do not need any patches, the AU client is
    simultaneously telling us that we have patches to install. AU is configured
    to download patches from a SUS server. However, to avoid installation
    errors on new systems, we usually go to WU and install a 1-4 patches at a

    Previously, I noticed that AU/SUS sometimes provided patches a day or two
    before they became available via Windows Updates, but these recent incidents
    involve patches that have been out for a while. They should have shown up
    on Windows Update.

    2. Also, today, we were patching a Virtual Machine running Win2k Pro under
    VMWare, and the AU client notified us that we needed to install update
    824145 for IE5.01, despite the fact that the host and VM had already been
    upgraded to IE6SP1. And yes, update 824145 applies to all versions of
    IE5.x/6.x, but the listing in the AU notification panel normally reflects
    the currently installed version, not an older version.

    3. The AU notification applet on one machine has the checkboxes
    grayed-out - i.e., it will not allow a listed update to be de-selected. The
    machine in question has AU policies configured through GPEdit.msc. However,
    this behavior is not a related to any of the standard AU policies.

    Advice and suggestions are welcome. Money too.

    Joe Dance
    University of South Carolina

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