Re: COELACANTH: Phreak Phishing Expedition]

From: Drew Copley (dcopley_at_EEYE.COM)
Date: 06/11/04

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    Date:         Fri, 11 Jun 2004 10:45:39 -0700


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    > You can't replicate this with most other servers because the
    > Host header
    > is set to a non-existant site on most servers.
    > Whenever IIS or Apache receives a request it will first locate the
    > proper site based on the IP adress being used, after which it will
    > lookup based on the Host header. In the case of e-gold, they
    > have simply
    > not specified a Host header for the IIS website that they configured.
    > You can send a HTTP request to with "Host: foobar"
    > and their
    > site still comes up, even though you should only get their site with a
    > header such as "Host:" or "Host:".
    > HTTP 1.1 requires the use of a Host header and it is bad practice to
    > accept HTTP requests without a Host header that corresponds
    > to a locally
    > configured site.


    I use no host header and munged ones all the time, using custom
    clients and servers for testing. No one has a problem with this,
    not Apache, nor IIS, anyway. (I won't get on the subject of RFC
    compliancy except to say it is something quite often ignored...)

    I believe the bitlance solution this morning is correct. It is a magic
    issue. "" being allowed
    is the problem.

    Very amusing situation in an academic kind of way...

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