Re: Russ Cooper's AusCERT Presentation on MS Security Bulletins

From: Bryan Harrell (HarrellB_at_DOR.STATE.FL.US)
Date: 06/04/04

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    Date:         Fri, 4 Jun 2004 16:41:27 -0400

    I'm sorry Ken, but being as I've been on both sides of the fence
    (consumer and OEM), I feel the pain every time I have to D/L numerous
    patches/updates for each of my home systems, I'm going to offer my
    two-cents worth of verbiage to something I can't help but wonder about
    (Russ, sorry for putting words into your mouth if it's not what you were

    IMHO, my interpretation of Rus's comments weren't bashing anyone, just
    offering up food for thought (all industry pundit's comments should be
    taken with a heavy dose of salt and/or sugar - sorry Russ), but
    concerning the size of SP2 for XP (which no-one has yet disputed), and
    if I understood his comments correctly, the Aussy's are all having to
    pay for anything over the "cap" size. To me this means that the average
    Aussy citizen has to pay out of their own pocket to D/L this SP for
    their XP system at home. BTW, correct me if I'm wrong, but the size of
    SP2-XP sounds like it's probably larger than the entire collection of
    original XP Installation CAB files ZIP'd up together!?? If so, how about
    MS looking at the bigger consumer picture and offer it both ways (one
    big d/l'able patch and break it up into a smaller d/l'able sized chunks
    that can be retrieved without costing MS or the consumer any money out
    of their pocket (or better yet, offer the XP SP2 on CD for free like
    they did for SP1 of Office97 by logging on to their WEB site and filling
    out your shipping address to have it sent to you) - my guess here is
    that this is going to come down to someone not wanting to have to pay
    out of their pockets on either the consumer or corporate side for this
    roll-out to the public, which BTW, I'm still patiently waiting on....

    g'day 'mate!

    Bryan Harrell, SPII
    Network Transport & Administration - Tallahassee
    Fla. Dept of Revenue
    (850)-921-0700 S/C 291-0700

    >>> ken@ADOPENSTATIC.COM 06/04/2004 7:25:07 AM >>>
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    For about A$50/month you can get ~6 GB of downloads in Australia these
    I pay $70/month with one of the more established players (read: more
    expensive, but not as likely to go down the drain) and get ~40

    Microsoft in Australia will be saturating the market with CDs of XP
    well aware that it needs to get SP2 out there into the marketplace. I
    been told by the MS Windows group here in Australia not 3 days ago that
    a typical home user, the download will be approximately 100MB (about
    40% of
    your suggested size). Which still sucks if you're on dial-up though...


    Microsoft MVP - Windows Server (IIS)

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    >>> Russ.Cooper@RC.ON.CA 06/02/2004 1:43:22 PM >>>

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    Since I was in Australia, and since there people pay for bandwidth
    an ~50MB cap, I did point out however that XPSP2 was 276MB and its
    adoption is required for us to reap its benefits.

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