Re: Russ Cooper's AusCERT Presentation on MS Security Bulletins

From: Ken Schaefer (ken_at_ADOPENSTATIC.COM)
Date: 06/04/04

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    Date:         Fri, 4 Jun 2004 21:25:07 +1000

    From: "Russ" <Russ.Cooper@RC.ON.CA>
    Subject: Russ Cooper's AusCERT Presentation on MS Security Bulletins

    : 7. I then compared IIS versions. Given the timeframe
    : of the products, the numbers are very different;
    : IIS 4.0 = 231 vulnerabilities
    : IIS 5.0 = 282 vulnerabilities
    : IIS 6.0 = 60 vulnerabilities


    Can we get the calculations behind your analysis please? (if you have this
    in a convenient form - spreadsheet? database? I don't want to create a lot
    of extra work for you). For example, I'm struggling to think of 60
    vulnerabilities that affect IIS 6.0, but some of your other numbers also
    seem a little out of kilter with what I would have guessed (though this may
    be my faulty memory more than anything)

    : and since there people pay for bandwidth above an ~50MB cap,
    : I did point out however that XPSP2 was 276MB and its
    : adoption is required for us to reap its benefits.

    For about A$50/month you can get ~6 GB of downloads in Australia these days.
    I pay $70/month with one of the more established players (read: more
    expensive, but not as likely to go down the drain) and get ~40 GB/month.

    Microsoft in Australia will be saturating the market with CDs of XP SP2,
    well aware that it needs to get SP2 out there into the marketplace. I have
    been told by the MS Windows group here in Australia not 3 days ago that for
    a typical home user, the download will be approximately 100MB (about 40% of
    your suggested size). Which still sucks if you're on dial-up though...


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