[BUG-CORRECTION] IISShield "Server" header costumization

From: Tiago Halm (thalm_at_NETCABO.PT)
Date: 04/17/04

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    Date:         Sat, 17 Apr 2004 18:05:44 +0100

    Hi all,

    A new version (v1.0.4) of IISShield was released concerning a bug correction
    regarding the parsing of the "Server" header costumization. The problem
    concerned the interpretation of the "Server" header costumization. When the
    objective was to leave the "Server" header with its default value, IISShield
    would wrongly remove the "Server" header from the HTTP Response.

    Download of the new version (v1.0.4) is available at

    If anyone finds any other problems, please feel free to report them to me or
    to the IISShield mailing list available at:

    As always, thank you for the given support,
    Tiago Halm
    KodeIT Development Team

    IISShield is an IIS ISAPI Filter preventing any known and unknown attacks
    from disrupting IIS. The preventive approach of IISShield is an added value
    preventing IIS from even trying to interpret requests trying to break-in.
    With a detailed logging engine, IISShield helps IIS administrators to know
    in advance and protect IIS from known or unknown HTTP attacks that flow over
    the Internet.
    The configuration is quite detailed giving the ability to precisely decide
    over what is accepted and what is not regarding the HTTP Layer.
    RFC Compliance is just one of the core features of IISShield offering an
    assurance of quality of service to the IIS Administrator.
    Technical comparison with another well known tool with similar capabilities
    is also provided outlining the powerfull capabilities of IISShield.


    IISShield can be downloaded from

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