Re: NUL Character in message body locks up Outlook/Outlook Express

From: Jeff Stephenson (jeffstep_at_EXCHANGE.MICROSOFT.COM)
Date: 04/14/04

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    Date:         Wed, 14 Apr 2004 08:47:20 -0700

    > I've quickly looked through the SMTP and POP3 RFC's and found
    > nothing that prohibits this kind of email message. The
    > messages get through unaltered on recent versions of qmail
    > and postfix.
    > Regards,
    > Ben Rampling

    From RFC 2822 (Internet Message Format):

       At the most basic level, a message is a series of characters. A
       message that is conformant with this standard is comprised of
       characters with values in the range 1 through 127 and interpreted as
       US-ASCII characters [ASCII].

    A NUL in a message body is not valid. That said, clearly neither
    Outlook nor Outlook Express should choke on such a message - I'm passing
    this information along to the appropriate people.

    Jeff Stephenson
    Microsoft Outlook Development

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