A Chance to Provide an Opinion

From: roberta bragg (freouwebbe_at_MSN.COM)
Date: 02/11/04

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    Date:         Wed, 11 Feb 2004 16:16:19 -0600

    My editor would like to give opinionated people the opportunity to be

    As per his request, here's his pitch. Please respond directly to him.



    Attention all Redmond haters! I'd like to issue a challenge to

    readers of this mailing list. I'm the editor of Security Watch, a

    newsletter produced by 101communications,

    http://www.mcpmag.com/newsletter/. Security Watch contains, among

    other items, a weekly commentary by Roberta Bragg. For the upcoming

    edition on Monday, I'd like you folks to tell me why you believe

    Microsoft just doesn't "get it" when it comes to security. Make

    your best pitch, giving specifics on a product or technology that

    you think is deserving of scorn; "Microsoft sucks, Bill Gates

    sucks, Steve Ballmer sucks" won't make the cut. Make your arguments

    sound, your reasoning solid. Please keep your submission between

    300-1,000 words. Essays longer than 1,000 words will not be read.

    The following Wednesday, Roberta will give her own answer to the

    issue or issues you raise in a special edition of Security Watch.

    Oh yeah -- we'll also pay you $50 for your efforts.

    This isn't a Microsoft marketing ploy; neither my company nor I has any
    financial relationship with Microsoft. We're an independent media company,
    and my sole purpose in this is to generate healthy debate that will
    hopefully enlighten our readers.

    This is your chance to have more than 54,000 subscribers read your

    opinions. Tell them what you really think!

    Please submit your piece to me at keith.ward@mcpmag.com, and

    Roberta at roberta.bragg@mcpmag.com. Make sure both of us are

    recipients. And please do NOT send the essay as an attachment --

    put it in the body of the e-mail. Also remember to let us know who

    you are, where you are and how to get hold of you, including a

    daytime phone number. If we can't contact you, we can't run your

    letter. Put "Security Watch Essay" in the Subject line, to make

    sure I don't delete it as spam.

    By submitting your comments, you give 101communications permission to
    publish them in Security Watch, along with your name.



    Keith Ward
    Editor, Security Watch


    NTBugtraq Editor's Note:

    Most viruses these days use spoofed email addresses. As such, using an Anti-Virus product which automatically notifies the perceived sender of a message it believes is infected may well cause more harm than good. Someone who did not actually send you a virus may receive the notification and scramble their support staff to find an infection which never existed in the first place. Suggest such notifications be disabled by whomever is responsible for your AV, or at least that the idea is considered.

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