Re: Windows Update Error 0x800C0008 after updating the WU client

From: Steve Shockley (steve.shockley_at_SHOCKLEY.NET)
Date: 01/25/04

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    Date:         Sun, 25 Jan 2004 15:54:12 -0500

    Joe Dance wrote:
    > I have recently installed five new desktop computers. On two of the
    > five
    > systems, Windows Update is not working.

    I believe this is due to a Microsoft certificate expiring on 07-Jan-03. On
    the machine I experienced the problem on (Win2k Advanced Server SP3) I was
    able to resolve it by downloading the file manually (on an XP
    machine), exporting the signing certificate from the cab, then reimporting
    it on the server. The steps I took:

    Find, probably in C:\Program Files\WindowsUpdate\V4
    Right-click, properties
    Digital Signatures tab
    Select cert, then Details button
    Details tab
    Copy to File... button
    Wizard: Next
    Select P7B, check "Include all...", then Next
    Give it a file name, then Next, then Finish.

    Copy that file to your broken machine, and double-click to install.

    Note that the expired cert also caused other problems; my server was an OWA
    front-end, the initial symptom was clients getting a message that our SSL
    cert had expired when it hadn't. It also only happened on one of two
    supposedly identical machines.

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