Administrivia #30794 - NTBugtraq considered a Power to be considered

From: Russ (Russ.Cooper_at_RC.ON.CA)
Date: 12/24/03

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    Date:         Wed, 24 Dec 2003 16:30:21 -0500

    So out of the blue I get a call telling me I'm going to be profiled in a
    year-end issue of Network World magazine. Clearly I'm impressed, so I do
    the interview happily. Turns out, however, that the issue is a special
    one that Network World puts out once a year, part of their Signature
    Series, called "The Power Issue". In it, each year, they cite a number
    of people who have made some impact on the networking world. A co-worker
    of mine, Bob Moskowitz, was honored in 1996 as "One of the Top 25 Power
    People". This year, its my turn, as I've been named #43 out of "The Top
    50 Power People".

    Considering who's on the list, I'm humbled. More importantly, while it
    may be my bio that's profiled (I'm one of only 5 people out of the 50 to
    have a full bio listed), its really you that should be listed. For as
    you all know, without you, I'm nothing. My success is the success of the
    entire NTBugtraq community. The fact that Network World deems me worthy
    of inclusion in such an auspicious list speaks volumes about the quality
    of the information you supply, or the value you perceive in it.

    I thank you all, whether you've ever posted or not, for continuing to
    make NTBugtraq an effective medium for discussions about our chosen
    topic. I should also thank TruSecure Corporation for continuing to allow
    me to run NTBugtraq as I see fit.

    If you'd like to read the Network World articles, check out;

    Russ - Surgeon General of TruSecure Corporation/NTBugtraq Editor

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