Re: The Developer Implications of Windows XP SP2

From: Robert Heinig (info129_at_RHEINIG.DE)
Date: 11/13/03

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    Date:         Thu, 13 Nov 2003 13:57:40 +0100

    A smile a day...

    >Additionally, Microsoft is working with microprocessor companies

    > to help Windows support hardware-enforced "no execute" (or NX)

    > on microprocessors that contain the feature. NX uses the CPU

    > itself to enforce the separation of application code and data,

    > preventing an application or Windows component from executing

    > program code that an attacking worm or virus inserted into

    > a portion of memory marked for data only.

    Such a hardware feature has been introduced recently by intel, namely in the
    80286 microprocessor. All Windows versions I am aware of already contain
    provisions to *circumvent* this feature!

    (Yes I know the original concept of the IA-32 Protected Mode -
    segmentation - is incompatible with NT architecture, and that this is not
    the most regrettable point where the NT design team chose not to use an
    intel feature - ignoring rings 1 and 2 is).

    Apart from this suave mockery I can only applaud this announcement and I
    sincerely hope they found a way to implement this idea with current CPU's.

    have fun

    Robert Heinig

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