Re: Six Step IE Remote Compromise Cache Attack
Date: 11/05/03

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    Date:         Wed, 5 Nov 2003 16:32:04 -0000

    I can confirm the below on a brand spanking new, 3 week old, top-of-
    the-line machine with Windows XP Home edition, customised, with every
    conceivable patch, security pack, gadget enabled updating twaddle it
    comes with and installed to date.

    I demand a refund from the vendor ! This is a disgrace. 2 year old
    remnant bugs and holes unattended culminating in this full and
    complete remote takeover via a web page [again !]. 5 Million dollar
    bounties to chase ghosts in the closets wasting law inforcement's
    valuable and over-worked time, when it can be better spent on
    bounties for bugs and repairing of product I have been duped into

    Pathetic !

    Six Step IE Remote Compromise Cache Attack

    Microsoft Internet Explorer v6.Sp1; up-to-date on 2003/10/30


    A six step cache attack has been found which allows for remote
    compromise of systems running Internet Explorer merely by viewing
    a webpage.

    This attack is possible partly because of the bugs in Internet
    Explorer which remain unfixed. The oldest of these bugs is
    almost two years old.

    A little something old. A little something new.

    Some Kung Fu.


    The below demo runs a harmless, demonstration executable on your

    Note: This demo has not been found to work on all systems. This seems
    to be primarily because of the wide divergence in the placement of
    folders. A more universal exploit is possible, but too time consuming.

    [technical details]
    a simple game - It goes a little something like this...

    Liu Die Yu's file-protocol proxy bug to reach MYCOMPUTER zone
    ("file-protocol proxy"

    then, in MYCOMPUTER zone:
    A. use IFRAME to load MHT file which contains payload EXE, then the
    file is stored in IE cache.

    B.1. use file:///::{450D8FBA-AD25-11D0-98A8-0800361B1103} to get %
    (the Pull's:

    B.2. use "Redirection and Refresh in Iframe parses local file" to
    cache index file:
    %USERPROFILE%/Local Settings/Temporay Internet
    ( Mindwarper of mlsecurity's:
    double slash trick is also needed to make the parsed document
    ( Liu Die Yu's:

    C.1. and we get random directory names(like 9OKV91KH), and we get all
    possible URLs
    of our payload EXE.
    C.2. and we check these URLs with "script src":
    (Tom Micklovitch's:

    D. when we get a valid local URL pointing to the payload, launch it
    CODEBASE plus "double slash"
    ( Liu Die Yu's:

    A little complex. A little simple.

    Kung Fu.


    Move your Temporary Internet Files from its' default location:
    Tools -> Internet Options -> Temporary Internet Files -> Settings ->
    Move Folder

    Liu Die Yu - exploitation;
    Dror Shalev developed ASP part of the code in the demo;
    Liu Die Yu wrote the first version of this document;
    the Pull improved the quality of this document;
    All of the researchers named in "technical details";
    Microsoft, for not fixing their bugs;

    greetings to:
    Drew Copley, dror, guninski and mkill.

    "My only badge is my conscience. Guns back a badge, but
    hellfire backs the conscience." -- Anonymous ;)

    all mentioned resources can always be found at UMBRELLA.MX.TC

    LiuDieyuinchina [N0-@-Sp2m]
    UMBRELLA.MX.TC ==> How to contact "Liu Die Yu"


    I would like to work professionally as a security researcher/bug

    See my resume at my site. I am very eager to work, flexible, and
    extremely productive. I have a top notch resume, with credentials
    from leading bug finders. I am willing to work per contract,
    or telecommute.

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