Last Two Critical Updates (IE-828750 and Windows Media Player-828 026)

From: Asadoorian, Mike (mike.asadoorian_at_UNISYS.COM)
Date: 10/07/03

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    Date:         Tue, 7 Oct 2003 15:32:43 -0500


    Something strange happened with these last two updates. I have some systems
    scheduled to use Automatic Updates to download/install/reboot. On multiple
    XP SP1 systems, the updates installed but the systems did not restart.
    Instead there was a dialog box asking to restart. In the past, they have
    rebooted automatically. The same hotfixes installed on W2K boxes through
    Automatic Update did reboot automatically. I'm not sure if this is a bug or
    normal. I just wanted to see if others have also come across this or maybe
    MS changed something recently in terms of critical updates.


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