Administrivia #30659 - Take a breather

From: Russ (Russ.Cooper_at_RC.ON.CA)
Date: 09/18/03

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    Date:         Thu, 18 Sep 2003 14:12:09 -0400

    Ok, too many messages today for some, I appreciate that. Sorry, but I had accumulated a back-log and finally got to it today. Still haven't gotten to responses to my Internet Penalties Plan proposal, and have added the patch solutions thing to my plate...;-] Weeee, are we having fun or what.

    Anyway, unless an MS03-039 worm starts today, I'll save more messages until at least tomorrow.

    A couple of notes:

    1. The NTBugtraq Retreat starts a week Friday night, if you're coming to the Virus Bulletins conference in Toronto, or just want to attend, there's still a couple of spaces left.

    2. The Verisign debate is being covered more extensively elsewhere. I wanted to let something out about it, but I don't want to rehash all that's been, or going to be, discussed elsewhere. I apologize for letting Tony's first post go out, he told me before I sent it to not send it, I just got mixed up over which version I was bad.

    3. Remember, when replying to any list message such a reply will go to the list address, not the sender's address. To send only to the sender you need to cut and paste their email address from the message. Anything that doesn't look like it was meant for the list is simply rejected, so the recipient you intended will not see your reply.

    4. The message titled "Better way to perform Microsoft security patching?" wasn't for list discussion. Send Exibar your comments directly.

    Russ - NTBugtraq Editor

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