Re: ntbackup & MS SQL 2k SP3 on Server 2003

From: Harald Ums (Harald.Ums_at_T-ONLINE.DE)
Date: 09/04/03

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    Date:         Thu, 4 Sep 2003 23:38:31 +0200

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    From: "Brian Bergin" <ntbugtraq.1@TERABYTE.NET>
    Sent: Wednesday, September 03, 2003 11:39 PM
    Subject: ntbackup & MS SQL 2k SP3 on Server 2003

    > Microsoft has confirmed to us in ticket # SRX030827607392 that if you use
    > ntbackup.exe under Windows Server 2003 (any edition) that Shadow Copy does
    > not work if you have SQL 2k SP3 installed and are using Full Recovery mode
    > for db's (the recommend recovery model). They claim that is "by design"
    > (anyone heard that before from Redmond?). This is the case even if you do
    > NOT backup any SQL related db's. So long as SQL 2k SP3 is installed Shadow
    > Copy fails. The tech working on my case also confirms that this was a
    > decision made internally during the development of 2003 but that it is
    > currently "undocumented."
    > The entire time we've been hunting down the error "Error returned while
    > creating the volume shadow copy:800423f4" MS has done everything but blame
    > the kitchen sink on the problem. There are no KB articles that reference
    > that error; however, there are plenty of posts to MS newsgroups asking for
    > help on this. On almost every occasion MS blames a hardware or disk driver
    > for the error. The system that prompted our case to MS is a fully HCL'd
    > dual Xeon Dell server that came preinstalled with Server 2003. Of course,
    > MS initially blamed Dell for the problem. At around 14:00 ET today I
    > received verbal confirmation of the problem and the "solution" (putting
    > db's in Simple Recovery mode). I've asked the MS rep to put it in writing
    > and to find out of Shadow Copy fails if Oracle 9 is installed vs. MS SQL 2k
    > SP3. As of this writing, 17:30 ET, I have yet to receive any documentation
    > from Microsoft.
    I have some difficulties to understand the whole thing.
    The reproduce the problem I ran ntbackup.

    The eventlog showed an errorid=6004 Source=VSS with a text: Sqllib error: Database demo is not simple.

    So I think it should have been possible to track down to problem to the SQL database within a finite time.

    Further tests showed that the error only appears when backing up from a volume on which there a database files of a database in Full Recovery mode. Backing up all other volumes showed no error at all.
    So it is not a problem if SQL Server is installed and running - you simply cannot backup databases in Full Recovery mode using a file backup.
    It looks as if database recovery has problems with vss or does not trust vss to backup the database correctly. So I guess the database people are returning the error to vss.

    I do not see any good reason to back up the database when using Full Recovery mode with a file system backup, I would always use the database backup tool.
    So if you separate database files from all other files, you do not have any problem.

    Harald Ums

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