Delving into the contents of MS03-026 on XP

From: GDWNet Security (Security_at_GDWNET.COM)
Date: 08/13/03

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    Date:         Wed, 13 Aug 2003 00:58:43 +0100

    I'm just in the process of putting together some notes about the MS03-026
    patch process in light of the blaster worm and have been taking a much
    closer look at the XP patch.

    If you run the XP patch followed by a -x to extract the contents to a
    directory you will see that there are three folders, common, sp1 and sp2
    In the SP1 and SP2 folders are separate copies of the ole32.dll, rpcrt4.dll
    and rpcss.dll files with different version numbers.
    Those in the SP1 folder have a version number of 5.1.2600.115 and those in
    SP2 have a version number of 5.1.2600.1243

    Maybe I'm missing something here but I don't understand why there are two
    different sets of 'fixed' files and why they have different version numbers.

    I've installed the patch on a test SP1a platform and verified via the MD5
    hashes that the files from the SP2 directory have been installed.

    I've not yet installed a 'clean' build of XP to see what version of the
    files get installed by this patch nor have I looked at Software Update
    Services to see what version(s) of the patch it has but I don't understand
    why Microsoft feel it necessary to have two different versions of the fix
    for XP.

    Gary Williams.
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