Strange DNS Behaviour after W2K SP4

Date: 08/01/03

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    Date:         Fri, 1 Aug 2003 23:32:11 +0800

    Have just been trying to diagnose a problem with an AD Domain gradually
    loosing all of it's DNS records (in particular Domain Controllers). It
    appears that DNS was not accepting active DNS re-registrations for W2K
    systems. Eventually DCs can no-longer find each other and replication
    starts to fail.

    It appears that SP4 must change the way in which W2K systems register with
    DNS, which causes registration to fail if the site has a "Single-Label" DNS
    Name (i.e. an AD Domain name without a period '.'). The site I was looking
    at had such a domain name.

    Finally located KB 300684 (Need the updated version off the MS Site which
    includes notes on SP4) which describes what is happening, and fixes.

    Thought I would pass on this info, as the results of this is quite bizarre,
    slowly taking the whole domain down, and because it becomes noticeable some
    time (> 1 week in this case) after applying the service pack, the
    association between the problem and applying SP4 may be hard to make.


    Adrian van den Avoort
    Western Australia

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