SP4 - memory parity errors reported? (F0 0F bug style)

From: Kurt Seifried (listuser_at_SEIFRIED.ORG)
Date: 06/30/03

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    Date:         Sun, 29 Jun 2003 15:25:02 -0700

    While this isn't directly a security issue it seems to indicate to me the
    possibility of executing something malicious.

    I have a Tyan 2460 motherboard, dual AMD MP2000+, 2gigs of ECC ram
    (kingston). Running Win2k fine, SP3, etc. So I install SP4, no sweat,
    reboot, gets to the "starting windows screen" with the rolling blue lines,
    gets to the end of that, blam, blue screen saying memory partiy error.
    Reboot, Blam. Reboot. Blam. So I take another HD, do a fresh Win2k install,
    install sp4, it works.... for a few days. Then I start getting memory parity
    errors. Fight with it a bit (try removing ram, etc.), generally unstable. So
    I do a fresh install of win2k on another hd, no service packs/etc, runs fine
    (this is how I'm sending this email).

    What I wonder is: what on earth in service pack 4 is causing memory parity
    errors, and can it be reproduced by other code (i.e. a nasty virus, or
    perhaps some illegal execution ala the Pentium F0 0F bug). Has anyone else
    seen such errors on a Tyan 2460 board or other dual cpu/ecc memory boards?

    -Kurt Seifried

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