Long Filename in NT Makes File Unusable

From: Damian Profancik (dprofancik_at_HOTMAIL.COM)
Date: 06/12/03

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    Date:         Thu, 12 Jun 2003 09:21:30 -0500

           We are using policy files (ntuser.pol) for some of our NT users to
    restrict access on a terminal server. Windows adds a .tmp extension to the
    file when the roaming profile logs into both NT and 2000 machines. Windows
    suggests a fix for this at
    http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?kbid=271518. However, the problem
    I am having is removing one of the files that 2000 has added the .tmp
    extension to. The file is 226 characters in length (i.e.
    ntuser.pol.tmp.tmp.tmp… etc.). When I attempt to delete it off of a NT box
    from a 2000 or XP machine it won’t let me. Actually, I can’t do anything to
    it. I can’t view its properties (it give an error saying, “The properties
    for this item are not available.”), delete it, copy it, cut it, rename it
    (these actions just do nothing), or create a shortcut to it (it gives an
    error saying, “Windows could not create the shortcut. Check to see if the
    disk is full.”). I have also tried to remove it in DOS, but not even
    wildcard characters work. “del *.tmp” and “del ntuser~1.tmp” say that they
    can’t find any files by that name. Attempts to change the file’s attributes
    in DOS also fail. The security implications are the DoS potential if a
    world writeable drive is found. I have tried to create a file with a name
    of the same length, but it would only allow 224 characters on NT, 2000, or
    XP. The only way I was able to remove to 226 character-named file was to
    click on it twice, as if to rename it, then rename it and delete it.
    However, anytime I tried to delete the new file I created of 224 characters
    or even right-clicked on it, it crashed explorer with a Dr. Watson error. I
    thought Windows could handle filenames up to 256 characters. I was able to
    go back to the XP machine and delete the file I created. I am curious how
    the system created the 226 characters file.

    Damian Profancik

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