Blue screen in Windows

From: David F. Madrid (idoru_at_VIDEOSOFT.NET.UY)
Date: 05/20/03

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    Date:         Tue, 20 May 2003 22:04:54 +0200

    Issue :

    Blue screen in Windows

    Tested versions :

    W2000 Server Sp3 with IE 6.0 Sp1
    XP Pro with IE 6.0

    Vendor status :

    MS is investigating the issue but as they spent months to just acknowledge
    it I decided to publish it

    Description :

    With Internet Explorer you can make calls using netmeeting ,
    navigating to callto Urls . On the systems tested if you try to
    navigate to a specially crafted callto url Windows halt with a
    Kmode exception not handled . I can´t reproduce this always,
    particulary not after rebooting from the system halt , but the issue
    was confirmed in two different computers .

    I am afraid I can´t give any debugging info cause no causing module is
    shown in the BSOD .

    Exploit :

    In the spanish version of this advisory you can find a demonstration

    Just click the link "Pulsa aquí para parar Windows"

    Regards ,

    David F. Madrid ,
    Madrid , Spain

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