Windows XP activation

From: Henk van de Kamer (hvdkamer_at_AKTU.NL)
Date: 05/14/03

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    Date:         Wed, 14 May 2003 16:35:30 +0200


    In the process of installing and configuring Windows XP I stumbled upon something which gives me an unpleasant feeling. Please drop the message if it isn't apropiate for this list.

    Our normal routine is installation, configuration and then activation. The activation "program" is nothing more than an Internet Explorer instance. The default settings of this program are to relaxed in our opinion. One of them is (and I try to translate this from the Dutch version, so it could be somewhat different in the US version) "Check if the server has withdrawn a certificate (restart required)". The default is no check. With this option checked, the activation process gives error 32777. The rest of the message is meaningless, something about checking your cables :-) Temporaraly unchecking this option and no other changes results in a succesfull registration.

    In my opinion this means that we have no way of checking if the communication is indeed with a still valid Microsoft registration server.


    Henk van de Kamer
    Aktu Publishing Group

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