Re: Alert: Microsoft Security Bulletin - MS03-010

From: Robert Heinig (heinig_at_KUK-DATENTECHNIK.DE)
Date: 05/09/03

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    Date:         Fri, 9 May 2003 13:28:56 +0200

    Hello again,

    My rant about the two lsasrv.dll's was, of yource, premature. Oh well if
    need be, we can still comdemn the use of identical version resources for
    different binaries, and we can still hate past US governments for creating
    that blasted 56-bit-encryption-only issue in the first place.

    As Jerry Heidtke [] (quick thinker!) pointed out in private
    mail to me:
    -----Original Message-----
    Just wanted to point out that MS patches often have multiple versions of the
    same file. This sometimes is because there are differences in single- vs.
    multi- processor versions, different language versions, or, in this case,
    different encryption strengths supported.

    The file listing could be improved to make this clearer in some cases. I
    believe, in this case, after your post they changed the web page to indicate
    that the second version was 56-bit. That information wasn't there this

    Apparently someone at Microsoft actually reads Ntbugtraq!
    > -----End Quote-----

    He's absolutely right.

    let's all try to forget all this for the weekend!
            Robert Heinig

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  • Next message: Jakob Balle: "Secunia Research: Opera browser filename extension buffer overflows"

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