Re: MSIEXEC problem with long user names

From: Clive Flint (clive@CLIVE.CLARA.NET)
Date: 02/23/03

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    Date:         Sun, 23 Feb 2003 19:15:35 -0000
    From: Clive Flint <clive@CLIVE.CLARA.NET>

    Had a reply from Microsoft and after lots of info gathering they said it was a permission problem.

    *** Proble Description ***

    When installing a setup to a network UNC share, you may get a 1325 error
    states: "Error 1325. 'xyz' is not a valid short file name. You won't
    get the 1325 if the user doing the install is less than 8 characters
    long or conforms to the following format: 12345678.123

    *** Resolution *** 06/25/2001 01:21:15 PM nmanis
    This is really nothing to do with the user account doing the install, the
    account can really be any length as long as the underlying file system
    supports long file names. The first error you see in the log, the 2303 is
    one to address. Normally, this looks like this in the log: MSI (s)
    (60:DC): Note: 1: 2303 2: 5 3: <\\crlcalfile01\Users\> This error
    means: IError(idbgErrorGettingVolInfo, idbgFile + 3, "Error
    getting volume
    info. GetLastError: [2]") So, the 5 above, means ERROR_ACCESS_DENIED
    which means that the share listed
    did not have read access.

    To fix this, you must either conform the user
    account to the format above in the problem description or give the user in
    question (or everyone) read access to the share. If this is a problem,
    the directories below the share can be locked down further through NTFS
    permissions. For the customer case in question, this was requested and
    implemented by the following: For the \\OOMC.ROOT\USER
    <file://\\OOMC.ROOT\USER> directory (of course it
    would look something like c:\OOMC.ROOT\USER on the local machine) you can
    click the Security tab and then the advanced button. Under the advanced
    button, I was able to deny all of the rights for everyone
    except: Read Attributes Read Extended Attributes These two rights are
    needed for a successful GetVolumeInformation() call to be
    made which would fix the 2303 error and then the 1325 error. Maybe this
    is an option for you in addtion to giving everyone read access at
    the share level, of course you need to have NTFS file security too for
    this to
    work. Setting SO to approved as I see cases SRX010403604241,
    SRX010430602859 and

    Hope this helps anyone else with the same problem.


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    Subject: RE: MSIEXEC problem with long user names

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    > Subject: MSIEXEC problem with long user names
    > I look after a site where the user's full name is their username ie
    > William Gates as a user would have the username of william.gates . The
    > profile path and home dir also reflect this, ie,
    > \\server\users\william.gates\profile,
    > \\server\users\william.gates\mywork.
    > When running a program that was installed by the msiexec program from
    > the server for the first time it does the usual _Installing
    > the program_
    > = and tries to configure the system. It then falls over saying _error
    > 1325, william.gates is not a valid = shortfile name_. This seems to
    > happen to any user who has a name longer = than 8.3 characters and is
    > annoying the users quite a bit = (understatement).

    Looking at this I'd say_ contact the provider of the .msi file!

    If _you_ created the .msi file, how did you do it?

    I'd say this is not an NT bug, merely a bug in the .msi package -
    remember that the name "administrator" isn't 8.3 compatible as such, and
    I don't see that many installations falling over when I install a
    package as administrator...
    Okay, maybe the second word (after the full stop) being greater than 3
    chars is a pronblem. Does username 123456789.123 give the same problem?


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