Re: Article: Windows XP Wide Open Using Windows 2000 CD-ROM

From: Geoff Craig (GCraig@QUILOGY.COM)
Date: 02/20/03

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    Date:         Thu, 20 Feb 2003 08:25:48 -0600
    From: Geoff Craig <GCraig@QUILOGY.COM>


    While this has been classified as an "embarrassing" security flaw by
    others and yourself, I will point everyone to the following URL.

    This is a utility called Knoppix which is a fully bootable Linux CD that
    is very easy to create, boot from and have complete access to an NTFS
    partition. Also, why go to this amount of trouble when I can use a
    utility like this one.

    Boot the machine, change the admin password and not even bother with the
    time it takes to get the W2K CD up and going. Also, given the fact that
    most of the time people forget to extract the encrypted recovery agent's
    EFS key those EFS protected file aren't protected for long if I have the
    admininstrator's password and the ERA keys.

    While this may be considered an issue with some, I chalk it up to yet
    another utility I can use when I have unlimited physical access to a
    Windows machine. At that point the game is over anyway it's just a
    matter of what kind of knife I carve that turkey up with.

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