Re: MS SQL Server Worm?

From: Ivan Mason (ivan@OTAGO.AC.NZ)
Date: 01/25/03

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    Date:         Sun, 26 Jan 2003 04:04:47 +1300
    From: Ivan Mason <ivan@OTAGO.AC.NZ>


    I have noted that two of the postings that you have allowed through to the
    list allude that this 'worm vulnerability' affects pre SQL2K SP2?

    Marc Maiffret [marc@EEYE.COM],
    "Systems Affected: Microsoft SQL Server 2000 pre SP 2"
    (Good analysis of the payload, all the same...)

    Ben Koshy [ben@W3MEDIA.NET],
    "Those SQL Servers running Service Pack 2 or Service Pack 3 (released Jan 17
    with little/no notice from MS!) were immune to the worm."

    I would just like to say again that: "We believe that MS SQL Server 2000 SP2
    without the post SP2 security rollups would be vulnerable to this attack"

    We have tested Q323875 and it does stop the 'worm vulnerability'.

    Can we seek clarification regarding this: Is SQL2K with only SP2 safe?

    It's getting to be a rather long night...
    Regards Ivie..... :-)

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