From: Ben Koshy (ben@W3MEDIA.NET)
Date: 01/25/03

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    Date:         Sat, 25 Jan 2003 02:28:10 -0800
    From: Ben Koshy <ben@W3MEDIA.NET>

    About 9:30PM PST on January 25th, 2002, some SQL Server 2000
    installations were compromised by some sort of SQL Server Worm. The
    compromised boxes/worms generated more than 80Mbit of outgoing traffic
    (probably more if our connection could have handled it) trying to
    compromise other boxes it seems.

    Those SQL Servers running Service Pack 2 or Service Pack 3 (released Jan
    17 with little/no notice from MS!) were immune to the worm.

    A quick sampling of sites that I know to be running MSSQL server quickly
    showed the impact of this worm was huge. About 40% of the sampled sites
    were down. Installation of the SP3 after compromise seemed to resolve
    the issue. I'm not sure the nature of the worm, what it does to the
    system outside of SQL Server, and whether trojans have been installed.
    Another colleague noted a strange extended stored procedure running on
    his home development server which was indeed taking up all the resources
    of the box and busy scanning & connecting to other Ips.

    Any confirmation/information from other sites would be appreciated.

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