MS02-071, shatter?

From: Greg Riedesel (greg.riedesel@CI.STPAUL.MN.US)
Date: 12/12/02

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    Date:         Thu, 12 Dec 2002 08:34:35 -0600
    From: Greg Riedesel <greg.riedesel@CI.STPAUL.MN.US>

    If I don't miss my guess, it looks like MS02-071 fixes the vulnerability
    that "shatter" uses to gain priv escalation. I do recall a lot of back
    and forth about whether or not this was easilly fixable in Windows, as
    the problem area (WM_TIMER) is used by pretty much every Windows
    application. Programs like VirusScan from McAfee do put a window on the
    desktop that has system privs, and shatter was used to escalate the
    logged in user to a higher level of priv.

    Once that level of access is achived, it is a lot easier to capture key
    domain credentials. Though such attacks are still somewhat technically

    I do remember that the consensus was that fixing this problem would
    require a fundamental re-engineering on how Windows works, and that a
    true fix would be a long time coming as a result. So now we have this
    patch from Microsoft. Have they actually fixed the problem? So

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