New Integrity Protection Driver (IPD) Available

From: Fernando Trias (fernando@PEDESTALSOFTWARE.COM)
Date: 12/03/02

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    Date:         Tue, 3 Dec 2002 13:13:34 -0500
    From: Fernando Trias <fernando@PEDESTALSOFTWARE.COM>

    Pedestal Software Security Notice

    Product: Integrity Protection Driver (IPD)
    Version: 1.2 and earlier
    Subject: New Integrity Protection Driver (IPD) Available
    Date: December 3, 2002
    Solution: Upgrade to version 1.3


        The Integrity Protection Driver (IPD) is an open source kernel
        driver for Windows NT and Windows 2000 that attempts to provide
        integrity to the Windows kernel by blocking kernel-altering
        device drivers, such as rootkits, from changing normal kernel

        A new version of the IPD has been released that corrects two
        vulnerabilities that circumvent the driver's protection.

        More information about the IPD, including its open source license,
        can be found at:



        Phrack 50-16 provides sample code for circumventing the IPD using
        an undocumented kernel function, NtCreateSymbolicLinkObject. This
        function could enable a process running as SYSTEM to access
        \Device\PhysicalMemory through an alternate alias name. Since the
        IPD attempts to block access to \Device\PhysicalMemory by name,
        accessing the device by a different name would not be blocked.

        Obtaining access to \Device\PhysicalMemory would enable read and
        write access to all of a computer's physical memory. An attacker
        could therefore overwrite portions of kernel memory with modified
        versions of their own code, which might prevent integrity
        checking programs like Intact from detecting system modifications,
        the presence of trojan horse programs or other hacker activity.

        The second vulnerability exists because of faulty driver
        engagement logic. The driver incorrectly relies on the system
        clock to determine whether the driver has engaged. Unfortunately,
        the system clock cannot be trusted and can be used to disengage
        the driver.


        Users of the Integrity Protection Driver are urged to upgrade to
        the latest version.

        The latest driver and source code may be downloaded from the
        Pedestal Software web site at


        Phrack 59-16 by crazylord <>

        Thanks to Jan K. Rutkowski <> for
        telling us about the Time Vulnerability.


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        advisories. This advisory is a service to Pedestal Software
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        Pedestal Software products.

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