windows update on XP Pro and MS02-013

From: Marc Bejarano (marc.bejarano@OPENWAVE.COM)
Date: 10/25/02

Date:         Fri, 25 Oct 2002 10:17:23 -0400
From: Marc Bejarano <marc.bejarano@OPENWAVE.COM>

any body else have windows update suddenly tell them that they need to
install the MS02-013 update (aka "Security Update, March 4, 2002")?

i'm running XP Pro SP1 with all the latest/greatest patches and windows
update's installation history shows that this update was successfully
installed on 3/22/02.

i seem to have the correct VM installed, too:
[beej@beej-lap]~:{502}:$ jview
Microsoft (R) Command-line Loader for Java Version 5.00.3805