FW: Win2K security roll out package and citrix xp

From: Robert Dennis (rdennis@ALPHAPROTECH.COM)
Date: 04/11/02

Date:         Wed, 10 Apr 2002 19:56:38 -0400
From: Robert Dennis <rdennis@ALPHAPROTECH.COM>

I found this same this same problem with Citrix XP, running NFuse v1.5.


--Citrix Metaframe XP Server Farm accessed via Published Applications
--Citrix NFuse web server serving the access to the Published Applications
through IIS 5.0 on Windows 2000
--After installing the Security Rollup Package, users were able to login
through Citrix NFuse login screen, but when the list of apps were to appear,
a message stating "There was an error generating the app list: An error
occurred while encoding a .GIF file. Pleae make sure that the path exists
and the appropriate user account has sufficient permission to write and
delete files"

It turns out that the Security Rollup package turns off write access to
wwwroot (and all subfolders) for all users except certain privileged groups.
Regular users do not have access to write to your web directories (a good
thing) however, this setting is recursive, and, as in this case, directories
that are used as temp directories are not accessible to the user.

To resolve this issue, I audited file access on the IIS server and found a
Citrix directory, under the root web, that the Citrix user needs full write
and delete privileges to render the web pages that Citrix NFuse works with.

I do not know if this is similar, but I did find this through a test
environment, and probably shows, yet again, why ALL patches and updates need
be run through a test environment before going live.


Robert Dennis
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Alpha Pro Tech
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From: Philip Walley [mailto:philip.walley@CONSULTRIX.NET]
Sent: Tuesday, April 09, 2002 10:27 AM
Subject: Win2K security roll out package and citrix xp


I recently cam across a situation with the security roll out package. It
seems that installing this update on a Citrix XP server will cause
authentication to fail for all users except admin. While I do not know
the specifics of what occurs, users will be told that "the login
credentials supplied are incorrect, please make sure caps lock is not
on. Etc."

I contacted Citrix to learn that they are aware of this authentication
issue and was supplied a hotfix by them. I did have to install the
hotfix ( in install mode) a couple of times before it actually worked on
the servers.

Philip D. Walley
Network Consultant
Consultrix Technologies
Phone: 601-956-8909 ext. 305
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