FrontPage Extensions and Win2k Security Rollup Package 1/02

From: Jason Foster (jfoster@FLORIDADIGITAL.NET)
Date: 04/09/02

Date:         Mon, 8 Apr 2002 22:18:20 -0400
From: Jason Foster <jfoster@FLORIDADIGITAL.NET>

I have recreated this on two Windows 2000 web servers running both FrontPage
2000 and FrontPage 2002 Server Extensions. After installing the rollup
package the Server Extensions Managers, an MMC snap-in for 2000/4.0 and a
web based administration tool for 2002/5.0, seem to be mixed up.

The 2000/4.0 server extensions manager gives the following error when
attempting to configure a site with them.

        "The server administration programs and the server extensions on the
web server are not compatible. The administration program is too old to use
with this server."

The behavior can be modified by configuring and uninstalling 5.0, then
installing 4.0 onto a site. In one case the error reoccurred after
finishing the fp2000 wizard. In another attempt 4.0 was configured for the
site and accepted connections from a FrontPage client.

In the example that gave the error, options for both managers are available.
However, attempting to remove the extensions using 4.0 the same error is
generated, and the only other option is to remove them using the 5.0
manager. Remember these extensions were configured via the 4.0 manager, so
having to remove them using 5.0 is a bit disheartening.

Trying to reinstall Front Page 2000 Server Extensions isn't an option as the
install program reports that Windows 2000 Server isn't supported. And
uninstalling and reinstalling the Front Page 2002 Extensions has no apparent

I've uninstalled the roll up package and reinstalled sp2 to no avail. Is
there anyone else that have experienced these issues and know how to resolve