Re: MS Security Bulletins MS02-016/MS02-017

Date: 04/05/02

Date:         Fri, 5 Apr 2002 10:36:05 +0400

Dear Russ,

--Thursday, April 4, 2002, 10:52:27 PM, you wrote to NTBUGTRAQ@LISTSERV.NTBUGTRAQ.COM:

R> As for MS02-016, that hasn't been released either (some people were
R> wondering if they missed one because NSFocus referenced 17 but people
R> haven't seen 16 yet). MS don't number these as they are released. I
R> don't know specifically at what point the number is assigned, but
R> suffice it to say its before the bulletin is completed. As such, its
R> possible that bulletins are not released in sequential order (this has
R> happened several times in the past).

Microsoft Security Bulletin MS02-016 Q318593: Opening Group Policy Files
for Exclusive Read Blocks Policy

This issue was released on December, 5 2001 by SECURITY.NNOV See:

SECURITY.NNOV: file locking and security (group policy DoS on Windows 2000 domain)

Group policy DoS in Windows NT/2000

SECURITY.NNOV advisories: File locking and security

...без дубинки никогда не принимался он за программирование. (Лем)

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