New HFNetChk Beta available

From: HFNetchk Feedback (hfnetchk@MICROSOFT.COM)
Date: 03/16/02

Date:         Fri, 15 Mar 2002 18:56:00 -0800
From: HFNetchk Feedback <hfnetchk@MICROSOFT.COM>

HFNetChk 3.40 is available for beta testing from
Please see bottom of this message for information about accessing this

This release of HFNetChk introduces new features and corrects several
known issues.

- New features:
    -trace switch creates a debug log to assist with troubleshooting.
    -sum switch will force a checksum scan even when scanning a
non-English language system. Use only
      if you have a custom XML file with language-specific checksums.
    NT4 Terminal Server support.
    File version information is displayed in -v(erbose) mode for Patch
      Found and Warning messages.
    HFNetChk version information, scan date, and XML file version
information is displayed in output.

- Fixes:
    Enhanced domain resolution and scanning.
    Leading and trailing spaces in file inputs are removed and blank
lines are ignored. file is now downloaded to the current working directory
and not to the user's temp directory.
    Now able to scan local Windows XP Home Edition systems.
    Corrected a bug where the incorrect SQL Server SP version was being
displayed if certain SQL hotfixes had been applied.

Additional features such as scanning for Exchange, ISA, MS01-022, or
Office patches are being considered for a future release of HFNetChk and
are not included in this beta.


 - If you were a member of the prior hfnetchk beta, your betaplace
userid and password will grant you access to this beta. The beta will
be available starting Saturday morning 3/16/2002.

 - If you WERE a member of the prior beta but have forgotten your
password, please email

 - If you registered for the prior beta but never received your beta
userid and password, you probably typed in a bad email address. (Yes,
this happened to quite a few people - some very well known security
folks requested beta access but had a typo in their email address so
they never got the beta). You'll need to follow the Beta Nomination
Form instructions below to request a new beta userid and password.

 - If you already have a beta ID, but don't have access to the hfnetchk
beta program - you'll need to fill out the beta request form (info
below) and give us your betaID to have the program linked to your user
account. it will take 2 business days to process your request.

Any other questions - please contact

If you do not have a beta userid and password and would like to request
access for this beta, please complete the Beta Nomination form
referenced below. It will take approximately 2 business days to process
your request (sign up tonight and get an account next Wednesday)

Beta Nomination Form:
    username: hfnetchkbeta
    password: staysecure

   (above is case sensitive. If this username/password pair does not
work for you, pls contact

   Complete the nomination form (link on the left side) at this site.
It takes approximately 2 business days to process your request. If you
sign up tonight, it will be processed on Monday evening and you may have
your account by Wednesday.