No Security Bulletin Notification

From: John Hornbuckle (John.Hornbuckle@TAYLOR.K12.FL.US)
Date: 02/12/02

Date:         Tue, 12 Feb 2002 11:33:35 -0500
From: John Hornbuckle <John.Hornbuckle@TAYLOR.K12.FL.US>

   I'm not sure if this is 100% apropos for the list, but I thought it
might be a good way to gather consensus and attract Microsoft's
attention if there's truly a problem.
   On other mailing lists I belong to I'm seeing numerous reports from
people who say that they have subscribed (and re-subscribed, and
re-re-subscribed, ad nauseum) to Microsoft's Security Bulletin
notification mailing list, but that they don't ever receive the
   This is a serious problem for obvious reasons, and I've seen enough
complaints about it in recent weeks and months to safely conclude that
that it's apparently not an isolated incident. Customers rely on
communication from vendors to notify them of fixes and workarounds to
security issues, and Microsoft seems to be dropping the ball.
   I'm hoping that a message to NTBugtraq will perhaps inspire someone
at Microsoft to look into the problem, or at least acknowledge that it
exists and is being worked on. In the mean time, I would encourage
everyone to not rely on e-mail notifications from them and instead check
Microsoft's Security Web site on a very regular basis.

John Hornbuckle
Network Manager
Taylor County School District
Perry, FL

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