Re: Important note about NoHTML and Outlook 2002

From: Diane Poremsky (drcp@POREMSKY.COM)
Date: 12/17/01

Date:         Mon, 17 Dec 2001 17:47:43 -0500
From: Diane Poremsky <drcp@POREMSKY.COM>

It's not converted to plain text, only displayed as plain text. The
message format is never changed permanently and you can still recover
the original format by opening the message from another computer or
removing the key.

Ideally, a "View in Original Format" menu to go with the "View in
Internet Zone" menu would be perfect - you could easily see the
formatted messages as needed.

Also - IPM.Post message class is not affected by the key - meaning mail
delivered to exchange public folders will not be affected by the key.

-----Original Message-----
 While they mention it in the KB article, it may not be obvious that
*everything* gets converted to plain text, not just HTML, so you lose
Rich Text message formatting too. A bit overkill when all you want to do
nuke HTML.

Why is Microsoft making is so hard to kill HTML mail???!!!

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