From: Marek Dohojda (mdohojda@LINKSYS.COM)
Date: 11/03/01

Message-ID:  <C7859702E9F1D5489FAFD473CA60942E0A31F3@mail>
Date:         Fri, 2 Nov 2001 16:57:34 -0800
From: Marek Dohojda <mdohojda@LINKSYS.COM>
Subject:      Re: Call to arms - INFORMATION ANARCHY

Normally I stay silent and simply use this and many other lists to keep me
up to date to the vulnerabilities.

I like many sys admins, do not have time to search for the vulnerabilities.
That is why I am very happy that some do have the time and energy.

It is about time that software companies realize that their software is
responsible for a lot of problems, and that it is THEIR responsibilities to
fix things. In every other industry the company is responsible for any
damage that their product creates (if it can be proven there are at fault).
Software industry should be no different.

Microsoft is biggest offender in this respect. They do not care so much
about releasing decent software, they only care about their marketing
machine pushing it. If it has bells and whistles then it's a very good
They much rather forget about security if that was possible.

I strongly believe that releasing full vulnerability is definitely the thing
to do. Even if that means some script kiddy crashes my servers. The reason
for this is that when 100 of thousands machines are affected and people are
loosing money they get mad. Man people force the companies to listen. Only
when enough people finally stop and no longer accept this situation, will
things change.

We need the biggest monopoly in software to stop and realize that marketing
only gets you so far (in this case to a monopoly and almost on all PCs, but
that is another matter), that quality product is the only way to stay on
top. If we allow them to quiet this down, like they are trying to do, we
are allowing them to act the way they have been. Lets stop this. Lets
force the companies to take responsibilities for what they do. It is the
only way that we are going to get the time to do other things rather then
continually patching software.

        Marek Dohojda
        Network Administrator

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