From: Carter Mobley (carterm@PUBLICATE.COM)
Date: 11/03/01

Message-ID:  <002301c16409$3cec7fe0$>
Date:         Fri, 2 Nov 2001 20:45:37 -0500
From: Carter Mobley <carterm@PUBLICATE.COM>
Subject:      Re: Call to arms - INFORMATION ANARCHY

If Microsoft would simply offer cash rewards to vulnerability discoverers,
conditioned on the discoverer promising to never disclose to a third party,
I think the problem is solved quite nicely. For Microsoft, it's a cost of
doing business, they can add it to the price of the software. All we need is
a price list. What about this one?

A. $25,000.00 for bringing down a fully patched web server
B. $50,000.00 for accessessing database records without setting off any
alarms on a fully patched SQL server.
C. $10,000.00 for accessing private information from a fully patched windows
XP home edition.

If we assume that over the course of the next 5 years that 100 A type
vulnerabilities and 100 B type vulnerabilities are found, reported
responsibly, and fixed by Micorosoft, it cost Microsoft a total of 7.5
million dollars in reward money to protect their customers, all
vulnerabilities remaining 100 percent undisclosed.

Any rational objections to this simple, inexpensive, yet effective plan?

Carter Mobley

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