Re: RussRe: Call to arms - INFORMATION ANARCHY

From: Piotr Flakowski@SMTP (Flakowski@SMTP)
Date: 11/03/01

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Date:         Sat, 3 Nov 2001 00:45:16 +0100
From: "Piotr Flakowski@SMTP" <piotr.flakowski@PHILIPS.COM>
Subject:      Re: RussRe: Call to arms - INFORMATION ANARCHY

Dear Russ,
Unfortunately, for me, it seems that you are loosing proportions with your arguments against the full disclosure issue:
First, the vulnerability is in NO WAY like a gun for everyone. Why? Because gun can be used to protect ...HOW can you use the vulnerability to PROTECT anything/anybody???
Second: it is rather dangerous to rely on some independent government agency to solve anything which is between the customer and the vendor. Beginning with "independent government agency" illogicallity-when it is government it CAN NOT be independent.
Third: the conclusion from your words about the MS products users are: they are rather stupid bunch so someone, the MS Angel I suppose, MUST protect them against themselves.
Fourth: Your arguments are not discussing with the proposed procedure at all, you are just authoritatively saying that there should be no full disclosure at all -only the REGISTERED security experts can be delivered such an information. I must tell you
that it will be EXTREMELY lucrative position to be such an expert. So maybe let us start from the most important issue: HOW to become such an authorised by MS security expert???? I have no objection against making a very much extra money on this issue.
Fifths: There is NO better regulator of all industry-customer problem then free market with possibilities for the customer to choose from.
To conclude: from my point of sitting you are getting us into pre"Cuccoo's Egg" ages again... Or maybe into "The Brave New World"???


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