Re: NTFS inherited permissions bug on W2K

From: Ondřej Tučný (tucny@ALSOFT.CZ)
Date: 10/12/01

Message-ID:  <>
Date:         Fri, 12 Oct 2001 13:15:29 +0200
From: Ondřej Tučný <tucny@ALSOFT.CZ>
Subject:      Re: NTFS inherited permissions bug on W2K


there is another point to consider - junctions, NTFS's rather
undocumented feature enabling hardlinks between directories. Let's
have the following directory structure:

  \x ... permission set 1
  \x\z ... junction target, inherited permission set 1
  \x\z\zz ... subdirectory with inherited permission set 1

  \y ... permission set 2
  \y\z ... junction linking to \x\z, inherited permission set 2
  \y\z\zz ... links to \x\z\zz, permission set **1**

When \x and \y subtrees are created and \y\z is linked to \x\z, the
subdirectory \y\z\zz has the permission set one ! The logic of
inheritance assumes that it should have inherited the permission
set two.

Furthermore when a change occurs in permission set two, it is
propagated to \y\z\zz and so to its primary location in \x\z\zz.

Note that junctions are an application of (documented) reparse
points. Other applications of reparse points also need to handle
access control, so there should be a precisely defined behavior
of permission inheritance.

Yours sincerely Ondřej Tučný, A && L soft s.r.o.

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