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From: Hughes, Don (DHughes@CHI.OSU.EDU)
Date: 10/04/01

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From: "Hughes, Don" <DHughes@CHI.OSU.EDU>
Subject:      FW: Microsoft Strategic Protection Program

I am forwarding this in case anyone hasn't seen it yet.

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Subject: Microsoft Strategic Protection Program

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        Dear Central Ohio IT Professionals,

I wanted to take a minute to make you aware of what Microsoft is doing to
address Security. Please take a moment to look this over.


        Why Now?

It has become incredibly clear that viruses and worms directed against
businesses' systems are increasing in frequency and viciousness. They
suffer from downtimes that take their businesses off-line or completely
down, sometimes for days. Code Red and Nimda are just the latest two
examples of worms that have impacted businesses and the economy, globally.

We can't ignore the fact that this kind of behavior is becoming more
prevalent and hostile. Internet security is a worldwide issue that affects
not just Microsoft's customers, but also anyone connected to the Internet-
no one is immune to the problem. We appreciate the great inconvenience that
many of our customers have suffered as a result of these recent virus
attacks. Though there were many customers who weathered the attacks without
serious impact, we recognize that, overall we have not done enough to
communicate how to secure customers' Microsoft environments. This is our

Every company and individual that uses the Internet has a stake in,
deserves, and should expect a secure Internet. The increasing frequency and
viciousness of viruses and worms propagating across the Internet means that
our customers, the industry as a whole, and specifically Microsoft, have to
change the way we think about Internet security. This is not a competitive
issue. In fact, we will work with anybody, competitor or not, to help make
this transformation. We're all victims to this malicious damage; we aren't
the worst but we're not the best in the industry either.

Microsoft has always taken the security of our customers' systems very, very
seriously. Security has been a primary focus in our development
organization as witnessed by the latest releases of our client and server
products. We have the best security response mechanism in the industry. We
have also built one of the most secure sets of products in the industry but
still, we can do better and we will, starting immediately.

Strategic Technology Protection Program
* Security site that explains our initiative - STPP.
 <http://www.microsoft.com/security/> http://www.microsoft.com/security/

Today we announced the Strategic Technology Protection Program (STPP). This
program is Microsoft's commitment to make it easier for you to get your
systems secure and help you stay secure moving forward. We are going to
take a leadership role to make that happen, focusing on people, process, and
products. You can really break the program down into two parts: "Get
Secure" and "Stay Secure."

Get Secure

This is a sustained campaign of tools, services and support targeted at
helping you secure your Windows networks. These tools and services are
designed to get you to a secure baseline and is an expansion of the
security efforts we've already implemented. The core elements of the "Get
Secure" program are as follows:

* Free Virus Support Hotline - 1-866-PC-SAFETY (1-866-727-2338)

        This telephone number is for US customers right now, an
international number will be available shortly. This hotline provides free
support to ANY customer with virus related issues.

        * Security Assessment Offering (MCS/PSS)

        This will be available November 1st through MCS/PSS. While this is
a comprehensive, fee-based program, you should be aware that your General
Manager has the option to exercise BIF funds to support key accounts.

        * Microsoft Security Tool kit - October 15 RTM - Shipping
* You can access the toolkit TODAY.

* You can order the toolkit for free (3 to 6 weeks for delivery).
 <http://wwwprod/security/kitinfo.asp> http://wwwprod/security/kitinfo.asp
* Provides a one button update to secure systems
* Server oriented security resources for server administrators
* Updates for server security

        * Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, IIS, IE Service Packs
* Critical severity security patches and patch rollups

        * Security Tools

        * Security configuration lockdown for web servers
* Additional protective software for web servers (attack URL

        * Windows Update bootstrap client for Windows 2000

        * Enterprise Security Tools - December RTM

        * Security configuration scanner (verifies security
configurations and patches)
* SMS security patch roll out tool
* Windows Update: Auto update client including control of patch
selection by group policy

        Stay Secure

Stay secure is the second part of the program are tools and services
targeted at maintaining systems security once a secure baseline has been

* Enhanced Product Security - beginning October 25th for client
systems with the release of Windows XP

        As with Windows XP, greater security enhancements will be
incorporated in the release of all new products including the Windows .NET
Server family.

        * Windows 2000 Security Rollup Patches - December 2001

        Bundles all security fixes into single patches on a bi-monthly basis
and reduces the number of reboots and administrator burden

        * Windows 2000 Service Pack (SP3) - February 2002

        This SP will provide the ability to install the most recent security
patches along with SP3. It will also provide a careful review of the code
to address any new problems detected in SP3.

        * Federated Corporate Windows Update Program - February
This will allows enterprises to host and select Windows Update content on
staging servers.

Security continues to be the very highest level of priority across all areas
of product development. Our customers play a pivotal role in that
development cycle by providing feedback through processes such as the
security design reviews and Chief Security Officer Forums. We're committed
to stepping up our engagement through these activities. While we continue to
improve our products we are also committed to a long term strategy of
process development, education, and consultancy to ensure our customers can
maintain their Microsoft environments at the highest levels of security and

Please let me know if you have any questions, concerns or recommendations.

Louise Markham - US Headquarters Sales Representative

Microsoft Corporation
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