Re: Microsoft Strategic Technology Protection Program

From: Andy Richard (andrichard@NA.KO.COM)
Date: 10/04/01

Message-ID:  <>
Date:         Thu, 4 Oct 2001 09:28:48 -0400
From: Andy Richard <andrichard@NA.KO.COM>
Subject:      Re: Microsoft Strategic Technology Protection Program

In a conference call from Microsoft discussing their new Strategic
Technology Protection Program, they mentioned that they were going to be
doing more than just the CD with all the patches. This new initiative was
to be called "Get Secure ... Stay Secure".

The first product was going to be this CD that would be easy to install.
Simply place the CD in, launch it, and it installs all the latest hotfixes,
etc. It would also contain white papers, etc. on topics of security. It
basically sounded like the MS TechNet CD with a focus on security only.
Just like TechNet, it sounded like a pay service and would be put out

The other product is going to be a new push service. You would expose
one/all of your machines to this service and Microsoft will push out the
patches to this machine automatically. As an option, you can choose to
expose only one of your machines to their push server, and use that machine
to test the environment to make sure it's not going to break anything. Then
you can roll out the hotfixes from that machine. I believe it was mentioned
that this would be a pay service. Sounds like Windows Update in reverse.

There were several people on the call who took the opportunity to question
what it was that Microsoft was going to do to fix the problems before they
roll out the door. One person asked what steps Microsoft was going to take
in house to prevent software from rolling out the door that was then
subjected to the buffer overrun of the week event. Microsoft says that they
have development tools already in place that check code for just these
problems. As these holes are exposed, they go back and re-write the
development tools so that the problem will not pass the code checkers

Just thought this information might come in handy.

Andy Richard
The Coca-Cola Company
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