Re: pcAnywhere Remote DoS

From: Sym Security (symsecurity@SYMANTEC.COM)
Date: 08/13/01

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Date:         Mon, 13 Aug 2001 08:21:00 -0500
From: Sym Security <symsecurity@SYMANTEC.COM>
Subject:      Re: pcAnywhere Remote DoS

Wed, 1 Aug 2001 14:17:35 -0400, John Thorton reported:

Subject: pcAnywhere Remote DoS
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Tested on pcAnywhere 9.2, it seems if you connect then disconnect to
pcAnywhere host service about 300 - 500 times the service will stop
responding. The only way to get it to respond is to restart the service.
The latest version of pcAnywhere is 10 and we don't have it but I would
imagine it has the same problems.

John Thornton Editor-In-Chief


This issues was addressed in a later version of pcAnwhere than the one
referenced here. The original issue was reported
 in a CIAC Security Bulletin, 5 March, 2001

 L-055: pcAnywhere Denial of Service, abnormal server connection

The fix for this issue is available in a LiveUpdate for pcAnywere 9.2.1 and
10.0 and is also available as a downloadable patch. See SARC Security
Alert, 5 March, 2001
Subj: pcAnywhere, Denial of Service, abnormal server connection

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